These pieces are made with rich earthenware clay, and are brought to life through numerous layers of color and texture. I make and illustrate each tile by hand. I throw each cup individually on a potter's wheel, and alter and decorate them myself. After building up layers of line and color, I cover most of the front with a glossy, amber tinted glaze. Certain areas are left matte to add textural contrast. The decoration continues onto the bottom, where you'll find a beautifully pinched foot and more tree branches and glossy glaze. I cover areas of bare red clay with a terra sigillata to seal the clay and give it its bold, brick red color.

Wall tiles:

These are smaller tiles made to hang like a painting. They are lightweight and thin (about 1/3" thick) and hang either with industrial strength velco (small tiles) or a french cleat made of plywood (larger tiles). Each cleat requires two screws, and will only require an anchor if your walls are particularly brittle. Check out the images below and you'll see exactly how it all works.



Plates, bowls, and platters:

I hope you’ll enjoy the manner in which the clay is pushed and pulled to alter the form, and the way the rims are left thicker to avoid chipping. These plates are well made and hold up to daily use. They are food safe and stack nicely in your cupboard. While hand washing is always recommended because it reduces wear and tear, these pieces are completely dishwasher safe. The platters are lightweight and easy to fill with food, but also add color and life to any room when hung on the wall. Because they are made by hand, there will be slight variation from one piece to another. 





We all love to drink, so why not do it in style? Coffee, water, whiskey, wine... your favorite beverage will fit beautifully into these quirky, yet highly functional cups. I am especially proud of the whiskey cups; they are perfect for one ice cube and a generous pour of your favorite whiskey or scotch. Handles are solid, durable, and comfortable for most hands. Rims are irregular, but smooth and make sipping enjoyable. These cups are well made and hold up to daily use. They are safe for all types of beverages. While technically these pieces are fine to use in the microwave, I do NOT recommend it, as earthenware can get extremely hot when heated in this manner.