• Image of Blissed-Out Coyote Trivet/Tile

This 5"x5" tile can be used either as a trivet (to protect your table from hot dishes)* or can be displayed on a shelf or wall. These tiles have sealant applied to unglazed areas to protect them from spills, and they come with 2 options for using them: 1. An adhesive-backed cork square that can be easily applied to the back of the tile to make it into a trivet, and 2. A metal cleat that can be attached for hanging the tile on the wall (any super-glue or simple 2-part epoxy required and not included). If you prefer one or the other and would like me to attach them for you, just let me know! *Ceramic trivets cannot handle going from extremely hot to extremely cold without cracking. Be sure the trivet is not freezing before placing something hot on it (room temp is fine). I use these at home to hold casseroles and pots coming out of a 350 degree oven with no problem.


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